Tuesday Mar 10, 2020


Video Accessibility: What

You Need for

Your ADA Website Certification

Video Accessibility: What You Need for Your ADA Website CertificationIn business, inclusivity of prime importance. …
By Ana Gotter

Because of when it was passed, it does not include specific instructions for making websites and digital content more accessible. The evolving law has been shaped by individual court cases, and the responsibility for making digital media accessible falls to brands. You Tube offers a free transcription tool you can use to generate closed captions after you have uploaded your video.

You can also opt for a program like Camtasia, or have a paid service like 3Play Media, Automatic sync, Audio Eyes, or Captionmax do it for you. The audio description must accurately describe what happens in a video so people with vision impairments know what is going on. This makes it easy to click a specific phrase in the transcript and jump to that exact timestamp in the video. Otter syncs with Google,….

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