Thursday Oct 22, 2020

Video Production

Project For Homeserve

Video Production Project For HomeserveThe CMA Video production team travelled to Nottingham to one of the bases of…
By Adam Snelleksz

Filming in conjunction with Study Academy, the online training marketplace, we filmed the training centre that Homeserve have for their staff and in this particular instance their apprentices. Ensuring that all of the correct health and safety procedures were in place regarding social distancing and cleansing operations, our crew interviewed several members of the management team as well as some of the apprentices that were currently training at the centre. The facility has fully functional ets' that are used by the trainees including kitchen areas, central heating systems, living rooms and more giving the apprentices the opportunity to learn in the most realistic environment as possible.

Our video production team captured all elements of the training centre to showcase exactly what is….

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