Thursday Nov 26, 2020

Ultimate Guide to

Successful Video Pre-Production

Ultimate Guide to Video Pre-Production. Before the age of high-speed internet and mobile access to wireless…
By Jacob Cass

Ultimate Guide to video |Pre-production|. Before the age of high-speed internet and mobile access to wireless connections, video content was a costly marketing accessory, available only to a small percentage of online users. Defining your audience helps to establish a voice for your message and focuses your content on providing solutions for those viewers' common issues or needs.

With digital marketing opportunities that can reach your target audience by chosen demographic markers like age and location, it more important than ever to have your intended viewers specifically defined. 3. Define scope and Length of ProjectThere is a big difference in preparing for a 90-second talking head customer testimonial and a four-minute company profile with sit-down interviews, b-roll and music. ….

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