Promote your services & products on Social Media

Videos, and even more so videos of the social media kind, make for a very powerful marketing tool. Over 3 out of 4 of marketers will confirm adding social video marketing to their arsenal has positively impacted their business. Our social media video production services can help your company capture your target’s attention and boost sales quickly.

Increasing Engagement

The most engaging online content is video. That is why all the most popular -- and the majority of the lesser-known -- social media platforms use a native video component: video drives more engagement than any other type of content. Take a look at Facebook, for example. By uploading native videos to a social media platform, brands are seeing over 50% more shares from videos. These numbers are typically higher on graphic platforms such as Instagram, where videos reportedly generate double the engagement of static images. Instagram videos make it easier for people to remember the brand.

We can help your brand develop a short-form video that will fit perfectly with your social media strategy. Videocide a creative collective that can help you craft original animations and videos for any platform, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter,  and others.

A Closer Look at the Buyer Journey

Exposure to a product through social channels affects the likelihood of a viewer becoming a customer by over 40%. The reason is simple: video is the fastest way for people to understand the pros and cons of a product or service. Product demos in video form posted on social media typically drive viewers straight to the purchase page of the provider's website.

By appending links to -- or inserting links inside -- the shared video, you will be able to lead the viewer to a page or website of your own. You'll significantly increase your chances of a sale or commitment. Similarly, viewers who "like", tag, share or comment on your social media video will automatically drive their friends to the content. The post with the video will pop up on their friends’ and contacts' feed, thus automatically gaining more viewers for your video. If those other social media contacts have a similar taste in products, you will end up with even more new customers.

Videocide's social video production team will help you through your own journey. Our writers will help you solidify your brand on your preferred social media platform by shining a bright new light on your business.

Sticky Branding

One way to take advantage of social media videos is to tie the exclusive, informational content with your brand. For instance, your social videos can offer your audience a "behind-the-scenes" peek at how your business operates. You could use Instagram to deliver a unique look at how your company manufactures its products. For example: how you make the candy bars, your bike racks, or how you deliver your personalized services. This type of informational branding makes for the most popular videos on social media.

In 2020 and beyond, audiences are drawn to posts that give them access to the type of content that they haven’t seen before. By offering unique content on social media, you are using intimacy and trust to build a bridge between your brand and your audience.

Videocide's design team can assist you in matching your content to your brand and concoct the perfect recipe to attract and retain your ideal customers.

Focused Targeting

In many respects, social media video marketing is no different than any other type of marketing effort: your best bet is always to target the lower numbers with greater efficiency. You should be aiming your video efforts at a specific audience demographic: a niche that you can carve and make your own. This will significantly raise your chances of viewer engagement. Creating targeted video content for a niche audience will always win over aimless, general video content. Remember that shooting for no one, in particular, will get no one interested.

You need to understand who you want your videos to talk to with your marketing strategy. However, finding out exactly who to target can be challenging. Publishing social videos can greatly help you narrow your search for the ideal customers down. You can choose to publish your video content among age demographics, location, interests, and other analytical data.

For video advertising, targeting can be even more specific. Most social media platforms allow you to focus on certain groups based on their favorite categories, their personal pages, or any other demographics you choose.

Two-thirds of all web traffic comes from video. It's an astonishing statistic that clearly points to what people want. It’s no question that social video will enhance your marketing strategy. Contact us to discuss how you can up your business branding game using social video marketing and end up with the best return on your investment. is a service provided by Codecide, a company located in Chicago, IL USA.
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