How to create a YouTube Video Thumbnail using Kapwing

Kapwing is a company that provides resources, such as editors and utilities, for online video makers. One of those applications goes by the name of Studio, an image and video editor. Most Kapwing apps, including Studio, are accessible for free. Studio will store your images in the cloud and includes a good range of design functions, including effects that are not typically available in competing solutions. You are encouraged to create an account in order to create a new resource. 

  1. From Kapwing 's main screen, click on Studio.
  2. Click the Start with a blank canvas button.
  3. Click the Custom Size button on the right side of the screen
  4. Enter the standard YouTube standard size: 1280, 720.
  5. Select Images from the top menu.
  6. Import an image from your computer (or from a URL) and add the elements, styles, and effects you need to complete your thumbnail.
  7. Click the Download button and save the resulting thumbnail to your computer.

References is service provided by Codecide, a company located in Chicago, IL USA.
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