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Drift Video

Easily create and share videos that start conversations.
Drift Video is the first video platform designed to start conversations and help people buy. In just a few clicks you can record a video, share a link with a prospect, and start a conversation right from the video.
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Meet The Future Of B2B Buying

An undeniable shift has happened: video has become the #1 way people are spending their time online today. Just think about what’s going on in your life: you’re on Zoom calls all day at work, scrolling through Instagram stories while waiting for an afternoon coffee, and watching clips on YouTube at night. video is eating the world, and there’s already been a big impact on B2B buying.

Why video Works So Well In B2B

From Boston Consulting Group to Forrester to Harvard Business Review, the data says it all: 75 percent of B2B purchases today involve limited interaction with an individual salespeople. Yikes. So what do you do if you’re in sales? Quit? No. You have to build trust. Trust gets built through personal connections. And personal connections have always started with conversations. Over the last two years, we’ve learned that video is the best conversation starter — and that’s why we built Drift video.

The First video Product Designed To Start Conversations

There are a few good products out there that make it easy to record and share videos. But we took a look around the market and noticed one big thing missing: none of those products create a better buying experience because they don’t actually help you start conversations with potential customers. You still have to make a video, send an email, and hope to get a response. But with Drift video, you can get a notification in real-time while someone is watching your video and then hop right in and say hello.

Desktop & Mobile Notifications When People Watch Your Videos

With Drift video, you can get real-time notifications (on desktop or mobile) when people are watching your video so you’ll know they got it – and then you can follow-up at the perfect time.

Say Hi To Future Customers Now, Not Later

Speaking of the perfect time: with Drift video, you can hop right in and say hello while someone is watching the video you sent (how cool is that?) This means no more waiting around wondering if that dream customer of yours is ever going to reply (or if they even got your video). Hop in, say hi, and offer to help now – not later.

The First Enterprise-Ready video Platform

Privacy Permissions and Control 🔒

We work with some of the fastest-growing enterprises businesses today, so we know that the top concerns in the enterprise are privacy and security. So we built Drift video with clear privacy permissions you can control exactly who sees your videos. Only want to be able to see the video you sent with that sales demo or proposal? Just set as the only person that can view that video. Everyone else will have to request permission, just like you would with a Google Doc.

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