Video Encoder


Workflow and transcoding system
A feature-rich workflow and transcoding system based on the principles of connecting nodes to create dynamic workflows.
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overview & features

FFAStrans is a feature-rich workflow and transcoding system based on the principles of connecting nodes to create dynamic workflows. It's aimed at broadcasters and video professionals for automatic transcoding and moving of media files through drop folders or API. FFAStrans is free to use for anyone but competes in the same market as highly expensive enterprise media solutions. Decoding and encoding rely on FFMpeg and AviSynth is used for extra filters.

User Interface
  • Intuitive graphical interface for creating complex workflows
  • Easily set up host farms for distributed job processing
  • Run as service in complex farms or as a single standalone application
  • Install separate feature-rich web monitor interface
  • Monitor jobs using the inbuilt application or through simple WEB monitor
  • Restart finished or failed jobs from start or from a node of failure
  • Use as a generic file flow system
  • Advanced decision making and variables nodes to dynamically adapt your file flow
  • Multiple simultaneous workflows with different configurations, each run in separate processes
  • Create custom user variables and statics
  • Use functions to manipulate and extract data from strings, numbers, and arrays
  • Use functions to extract JSON data from JSON strings
  • An extensive set of file, media, and system variables
  • Send e-mail notification with dynamic job data using variables
  • Create custom presets for all nodes
  • Read text or binary files into user variables
  • Generate any kind of text file populated and altered with variables
  • Execute any DOS command from within workflow
File Monitors
  • Smart monitoring of image sequences
  • Automatically fetch web videos like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. by dropping URL-shortcuts in drop-folder
  • Continuously process files as new when modified
  • Configure FFAStrans to read and QuickTime reference files
  • Monitor local or UNC paths and FTP
  • Monitor camera file structures from Panasonic P2, Canon-XF, and GoPro
  • Create high-quality HEVC content with HDR support
  • Encode broadcast formats like XDCAM-HD, AVC-Intra, XAVC, DNxHD/HR, and ProRes
  • Create user-defined audio layout and mapping in encoders
  • Process and conform audio without touching the video (transwrap)
  • Convert images into a video
  • Create custom FFMpeg based encoder profile
  • Preserve timecode throughout transcoding
  • Apply loudness control according to EBU-R128
  • Broadcast quality PAL <> NTSC conversions
  • Super high quality deinterlacing with QTGMC
  • Insert video or stills images
  • Overlay watermark and transparent video
  • Add superimposed timecode just like real broadcast VTR's
  • Insert custom AviSynth script
  • Easy third party integration with JSON based API
  • Create, start, stop and pause jobs and populate variables through API
  • Monitor, pause/resume and abort jobs through API
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