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The Future of Video with Watson
BM Watson Media is a scalable, trusted and AI-powered video ecosystem designed to solve today’s digital media challenges and power more engaging video experiences.
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IBM Watson Media is a scalable, trusted and AI-powered video ecosystem designed to solve today’s digital media challenges and power more engaging video experiences. Solutions include end-to-end enterprise video streaming offerings, with support for live and on-demand content, a customizable video portal with built-in corporate directory authentication and AI processes on archived content.

Standalone solutions also enable you to infuse AI throughout your media workflow or video library - unearthing opportunities to improve monetization, viewer engagement, content performance, ad revenues, and more - so you can serve exceptional video experiences to your customers.

IBM Video Streaming and IBM Enterprise Video Streaming are end-to-end video solutions. Ease of use based, the offerings support virtually any RTMP based encoder and can be managed from web based interfaces.

The solutions, which can be either for external content or for internal enterprise content with SSO (Single Sign-On), let you scale engaging video content to large audiences.

Multi-CDN delivery with QoS (Quality of Service) algorithms for an improved user experience
Archives analyzed by IBM Watson for automated caption generation that is used for deep search within videos
Can be used with IBM Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) on location for caching video for reduced network strain

IBM Watson Captioning helps you deliver accurate and easily editable captions for your video content - saving you time and money along the way.

The product leverages AI to automate and simplify the process of closed caption generation, offering solutions for live broadcasts and on-demand video content.

Automated caption generation
Finalize captions with an ease of use editor
Self-learning: more accurate with every use

IBM Watson Video Enrichment uses industry-leading AI to analyze multimedia content and then builds easily searchable metadata packages for virtually every asset in your library.

Through understanding video content on a much deeper level, your business will benefit across many areas that matter most to your bottom line.

Stronger viewer engagement and better monetization opportunities
Improved content search and discovery
Recommendation uplift

IBM Video Recommendations help you create personalized video streams to keep audiences watching longer, boosting video views and ad inventory.

Aiming to surface engaging video to end users, the solution leverages algorithms that analyze context, consumption and audience data to deliver personalized content.

Present the right content to the right user on your sites and apps
Build loyalty using continuous machine-learning of audience preferences
Take advantage of automation to stay within editorial and brand guidelines for your advertising

IBM Video Highlights offers cloud-based software that dramatically streamlines workflows for the production of highlight clips.

Capable of providing an engaging create-it-yourself experience, the solution lets sports fans produce and share their own highlight reels.

Leverage dynamic excitement ratings to surface the most compelling content
Through automation, quickly surface key moments in a given event
Can be used with optional functionality that enables fans to produce and share their own highlight clips

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