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A movie player based on mpv.
s a movie player based on mpv.It comes with an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly adjust many parameters, carefully adjusted default settings will be able to stimulate all the performance of the MPV player, so that the use of mpv player is much simpler than before.
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overview & features

MPV is a branch of the famous open source players mplayer and mplayer2.

Mplayer is the best player on the planet. Cross-platform features make it visible on windows, mac, and linux. Many video players on computers and mobile phones are also developed based on it. Because mplayer doesn’t have an interface, many times you don’t know that it works silently for you.

And mplayer often consumes the least resources when playing videos, so you will find that when playing high-definition movies on a computer with poor performance, mplayer is usually the smoothest, and when using fast forward, the gap is best reflected. When other video players have been severely stuck, the mplayer video frame may just drop frames.

MPV player inherits these many excellent features, while adding a built-in window play control interface (OSC), good support for hardware decoding, and other additional features. Thanks to its good reputation, the famous mplayer frontend: smplayer also added support for MPV recently. Now smplayer you can switch between mplayer and MPV2 cores.

MPV player’s official website is, you can download the windows version on the page. After decompression, you will find that the MPV player has only one exe+ file, although it can play video well, but if you do not adjust it With its default settings, this exe is unable to play the full performance of the MPV player.

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Therefore, the MPV-EASY Player was made for this purpose, making it easy to use while allowing you to appreciate the charm of this player.

MPV-EASY Player has perfect support for MPV native GUI. For a long time MPV-EASY Player is designed for MPV native GUI. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the native GUI, Now you can try using the MPV-EASY borderless GUI mode.

MPV-EASY borderless GUI mode is based on the borderless style of the MPV native GUI. In other words, for the lack of three buttons (- ☐ X), creating a whole world.

Features of MPV-EASY borderless GUI mode:

1.complete MPV GUI front end. When the MPV-EASY borderless GUI mode is enabled, MPV-EASY Player is a complete MPV GUI front end just like smplayer, and mpv will run on the back end.

2.a high degree of compatibility (appearance). The On Screen Controller (OSC) is highly consistent in appearance and functionality with the native MPV GUI. You do not need to change your usage habits after switching modes. That’s right, MPV-EASY Player not only improves the appearance of mpv’s osc style, but it also creates a completely similar non-LUA version.

3.a high degree of compatibility (operations). In this mode, most of the shortcut keys will still be forwarded to MPV by using commands, so you will find that you can still use input.conf to customize the shortcut keys. You can still use the keyboard to control various lua scripts. Mode switching does not cause loss of functionality and fun, and mpv is still the protagonist. make up for deficiencies and enhance the use of experience.

Using the left mouse button, window dragging, pause/play, and full screen operations can be performed without disturbing each other.

More intuitive, less space-consuming, clearer, on-demand OSD progress bar.

A more powerful OSC that accommodates more information. Progress bar control, volume control and display, audio track、subtitle switching and display, hardware decoding and software decoding display, and file information display have all been enhanced. Click on the volume icon, volume value, and file resolution to experience more user-friendly features.

Focus perception. Through the color change of the OSC progress bar, you can intuitively see if you are controlling the MPV-EASY Player. In the multi-instance mode, you can intuitively see which instance is being controlled.

5.high performance. In theory, the MPV-EASY borderless GUI mode will be slower than the native GUI of the MPV, but usually you will not notice this. The various controls during playback are still fast.

Features of MPV-EASY Player:

1.Based entirely on MPV, all functions are based on MPV documentation. All features that can appear in MPV can also be implemented in MPV-EASY Player, and the methods are basically the same. So MPV-EASY Player is mpv, but MPV-EASY Player is not just MPV.

2.With setting interface, the setting interface almost integrates all the frequently used options in MPV, and the default options have been adjusted and optimized, which is very suitable for normal use. If you don’t like it, you can change MPV features and parameters with just a few mouse clicks without having to manually search for documents, memorize parameters, and modify configuration files.

3.with a function menu. Forget about the various shortcut keys in MPV, the function menu can completely free you from the shortcut keys, click on the mouse, you can achieve the same adjustment effect, and even use a menu to control multiple mpv window. for multiple languages. From inside to outside, whether it is the setting interface, the prompt information on the video screen, or the data on the control interface will change with the language (Simplified Chinese and English are only available in some places).

5.enhanced functionality. Through integrated multiple lua scripts and js scripts, the play experience of MPV is greatly enhanced in all aspects, the support for playlists is improved, and so on and so on.

Note: Some of the built-in lua scripts are MPV official lua scripts, some are originals of the MPV-EASY Player, some are shared by others on github, and some have been partially modified. You can comment from the beginning of the lua script. Learn about the author and more information.

6.The Play Control Interface (OSC) can display various useful data. MPV OSC can only see the file name by default, and even the volume value is not, but in the MPV-EASY Player: volume, hardware decoding, subtitles, audio tracks, resolution, channel and other useful data can be arbitrarily increased and decreased and seen.

7.Can change the OSC style (play control interface) as you like.

MPV-EASY Player improves MPV’s default OSC style. It not only completely surpasses the latter in terms of aesthetics, it is more convenient to use, and it is more powerful, and you can switch to other appearances by selecting different OSC style files and adjusting settings. Create your own OSC look style.

Note: MPV-EASY Player is to change the style by modifying the OSC.lua file provided by MPV official.

8.Solved the problem that MPV’s lua scripts are not compatible with non-pure English paths. Regardless of where you put the MPV-EASY Player, the lua script’s features can take effect.

9.The interference between these functions has been solved: Playlist, Play Progress, Skip Start, Skip End. Provides a superior playback experience when using playlists. achieve the functions that MPV does not have. Single-instance and multi-instances, automatic volume, always showing playback progress, displaying and opening playback history, and other useful functions that are not available or are difficult to find in the MPV are all visible in the MPV-EASY Player, and of course the setting interface and menu are also included.

11.more beautiful and easy to read osd style, playlist style, file information background style.

12.MPV-EASY Player is still portable software. MPV-EASY Player is decompressed and used just like MPV. No installation is required. Even if the system is reinstalled, any settings and personal data will not be lost.

13.file association function, associated with common video formats, let MPV-EASY Player become your default video player.

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