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Online Video Cutter

More than just cutting up videos
Trim away unwanted footage, and crop in if you have taken too wide a shot.
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overview & features

Online Video Cutter is simple to use and is available as a handy Chrome extension.

Despite the name, track-type="click" data-index="18" data-component="Inline links" data-count="25">Online Video Cutter is about more than just cutting up videos. The site lets you upload files up to 500MB in size, or use clips stored on Google Drive or other online account. 

You can later elect to trim away unwanted footage, and crop in if you have taken too wide a shot. There’s a rotate function for footage accidentally shot with your phone on its side, and there’s even a Chrome extension available so you can access the tools more easily.

When you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, you can take your pick from a variety of popular video formats and choose lower a quality setting if you need to minimize file size.

There may not be that many features on offer here, but the site is beautifully set out and everything is nicely streamlined, making it a joy to use.

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