Video Repair


A Powerful Tool for Recovering Corrupted Video Files
A powerful tool that can recover video and audio files corrupted as a result of unfinalized recording. It can recover MP4, MOV, M4V, M4A, QT, 3GP, and MXF files that can't be played in media players due to damaged or empty headers.
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overview & features

Note: I discontinued the support of the downloadable tool – Recover_MP4. However, the latest version of the tool (3.0) is used by the online service called "Restore.Media". Apart from other updates, this service gives you the following benefits:

1. Convenient and easy-to-use interface. No more need to deal with Command Prompt. Wizard-like web interface guides you through the recovery process.

2. Support for different platforms. MacOS, iOS, and Android users can now use the tool to recover video files just as Windows users.

3. Added option for manual file recovery. If you're not satisfied with the results of automatic algorithms, you can ping Restore. Media's engineers to process your video or audio files manually. This is especially useful if you accidentally deleted your video from flash memory, such as an SD card, and struggle do get the data back. Restore. Media's engineers will help you recover such video files.

4. No more need to use any additional tools, like FFmpeg.

5. Added recovery algorithms optimized for dozens of new cameras, including iPhone Filmic Pro, Samsung Gear 360, GoPro Session, GoPro 6, LAMAX X8.1 Sirius, AIM SmartyCam HD, PittaSoft BlackVue DVR, Canon Legria, Vixia and a lot more.

6. Improved GoPro 4, 5, and 6 support using the GoPro SOS metadata stream. Note: for a detailed guide on how to repair corrupted GoPro video files, I recommend reading this article.

7. Added support for MXF files and the Apple ProRes codec.

8. Added an option to filter out low resolution (preview) streams from the main video stream when recovering GoPro, Xiaomi YI, and DJI video files after they have been accidentally deleted and then restored with "undelete" tools

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