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The fastest and easiest way to Download any videos from any websites as files (any format) and save them on your computer.
Video downloader is a chrome extension very easy to use. You only need to click on the icon of the extension in your Chrome browser and within seconds you will begin to download the video to your PC, the extension is completely free, safe, fast and easy to add to chrome browser.
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Play First !

You may have to click the 'Play' button on the video in your browser first, so it starts to play then you can deside if you want to download the video.


You can download a video from the web page if it contains it. So, firstly, please, check if you are on a web-page which contains the video, and this video is playing in your browser.

Where can I download videos?

As long as the website uses the HTTP/s protocol, usually you can download videos from there.

Is Video downloader free?

Yes Video downloader completly free, but theres a paid version of Video Downloader has some unique features not available in the free version.

Are videos downloaded to my hard drive?

Yes, they are saved and stored on your computer's hard drive. You can access them by clicking on the toolbar 'Browse' button.

How to download a video?

Look for the 'Download' button on the toolbar, clicking it should launch the download.

Is video downloader work on youtube

Unfortunately chrome Web Store does not allow extensions to download videos from Youtube website, but it's enabled for other browsers.

How to uninstall video Downloader?

To uninstall video Downloader go to chrome://extensions/ then Remove the extension.

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