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Vplayed is a white label-enabled video delivery platform that provides seamless viewing experiences to millions of users around the globe. It allows you to customize the solution with monetization techniques that match your brand and your audiences. Because of this, you can gain a rapid ROI and enhance your profitability through various business models like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and PPV.

While you are innovating for your business’s growth, Vplayed also ensures that security risks like online piracy do not affect your platform. With its white labelling capability, the solution employs multiple protective measures that reinforce video security. These come in the form of Digital Rights Management, access controls, and AES encryption.

Additionally, Vplayed hosts videos on and streams them from cloud-based or on-premises servers. You can also select whether to run your video streaming service from AWS, Akamai, or Microsoft Azure. Whichever is your preference, you can expect top-notch delivery of your offerings.

Uninterrupted Video on Demand

Vplayed offers a reliable video hosting service on an AWS cloud-based architecture. The platform couples this with high-end transcoding, thus enabling you to deliver a buffer-free video streaming experience.

The solution also provides you with a dynamic video content management tool. This allows you to make certain that the correct content is delivered to the right audiences.

Live Content Streaming

When it comes to live video streaming, Vplayed deploys an adaptive bitrate that adjusts to your audiences’ needs. This also allows those with slower internet connections and smaller device screens to enjoy your content optimally.

Aside from video, Vplayed supports audio-only streams too for your podcast and music sharing. This allows you to reach a global market and let them enjoy a streamlined audio content whenever.

Multi-device Content Management

Vplayed has an intuitive video content management module that enables you to upload, store, and organize content libraries. Other than that, the management tool offers streaming analytics so you can better understand your diverse audiences’ behavior. The latter is especially beneficial as it helps you strategize which content you should offer to whom and in which region.

Moreover, you can manage your content from any device, thus giving you the flexibility to oversee video and audio deliver whenever you need and from the nearest device available.

Offline Download Capability

Most people do not have access to the internet when they are on the go. However, you can keep providing them with content even when they are offline. You can do this with the offline download capability, which allows users to download videos to their devices that they can playback on your app only.

Multiple Monetization Models

Since Vplayed is enabled for white labelling, you can customize the platform to suit your business needs. This includes configuring the solution to offer video and audio in different ways: subscription only, transactional, advertising-based, and pay per view. As such, you can match your content offering mode to your target market.

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