Shooting Hot

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July 17, 2019
Is it the summer of videos or just a video of summer?

The heat is on. Hopefully, you have some time off to go somewhere you've never been, encounter people you've never met, do things you've only dreamed of. Take some videos, won't you?

Do you need some tips to help you shoot videos you'll actually use and enjoy later? Try this short article, published on Vimeo's blog. 

One of these tips is about keeping your videos short and varied. 

Keep your final video in mind as you’re shooting, and be selective. Shoot clips that vary in length because it’s easier to edit or layer a mix of footage than it is to distill tons of files that are 7-10 minutes long. [source]

Shooting videos should be fun, but it should never get in the way of having fun. Practice what you've learned about making videos, and enjoy the best summer of your life (so far.) 


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