Speed Thrills

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May 15, 2019
5G and the future of mobile content delivery

In a post titled New Content Formats and What They Mean For Marketers, the author speaks about the emergent technologies and the market disruptions ahead. Despite the article's title, there's no mention of any new content format. However, the bulk of the "change" argument is centered around the yet-to-be-deployed 5G infrastructure:

5G is just around the corner and it ‘threatens’ to completely change how we consume video. That will, without a shadow of a doubt, change how we create and share this type of content.

How exactly 5G will change "how we consume video" is unclear. Nevertheless, while we're waiting for the seemingly inevitable deployment of a 5G infrastructure, we can find solace in the fact that once deployed, the technology will do away with waiting altogether. Instant gratification from your phone will be the name of the game.

While some doubts remain as to the safety of the fifth-generation cellular wireless technology (aka 5G) -- a technology which will mildly but surely irradiate the population that gravitates around its pods -- no one anticipates that such invisible side-effects will stop Verizon and the other mobile network giants from deploying it as soon as possible. The Mobile 20's -- an era which ironically will create an even lesser degree of required physical mobility from most people -- will be forever known as the decade of speed. Or will it?

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