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Everyone's a cam girl

That's right! The pandemic turned everyone into a cam girl. Even you, Johnson! Except that you're (hopefully) keeping your butt under the covers. It seems like everyone is live streaming for the slimmest of reasons. Jogging, talking, cooking, arguing, cleaning, and so on. I've got news for you: if you want to look good, it's not enough to stay clothed: you need good equipment. Take some hints from this guide.

November 24, 2020
How Video Content Marketing Can Help to Generate More Sales
November 24, 2020
Inconceivable: TikToker Who Made Paint Mixing Very, Very Cool... Is Fired From Sherwin-Williams For Doing So

TikTok remains a somewhat fascinating service to me, as different people experiment with using it to express all sorts of things in ways that are unexpected and often delightful. A couple months ago I discovered that there appears to be an entire genre of TikTokers creating videos about... mixing paint colors. I know... I know. At first that sounds insane. Who could possibly want to watch that? But some of them are truly amazing, as first noted by reporter Rebecca Jennings who tweeted about her discovery ...

November 24, 2020
The Small Business Guide to Marketing on TikTok

For most small businesses, the advent of social media platforms a marketing tool came as something of a surprise. For that reason, social media penetration among small businesses took until 2017 to reach 75%, leaving many scrambling to catch up even as the major social channels became saturated. It was a costly delay. But now, small businesses have a rare opportunity to get in early on a young social media platform before its overwhelmed by messaging from well-funded big brands. The platform Im talking abo...

November 24, 2020
Getting Started With Social Media Live Streaming for Small Business

Social media live streaming is authentic, dynamic, and engaging. There is no denying that something is captivating about live performances. Today, we can count on social media platforms to give a glimpse of what is going to happen next. Armed with a good Smartphone and a social profile, anyone can create live streams and broadcast them to their chosen audience. Live streaming technology allows you to create, view, and share videos in a way almost similar to live TV. Current live streaming applicatio...

November 24, 2020
Netflix salaries revealed: Data shows how much content execs, engineers, marketers, and more made at the streaming service in 2020 (NFLX)

Summary List Placement Netflix is thriving in 2020. Its global subscriber base surged during lockdowns, as the company churned out hits like "Tiger King" and "The Queen's Gambit." The streaming-video giant also continued hiring around the world during a time when layoffs were sweeping the media landscape. LinkedIn data shows Netflix kept bringing on new hires this year. And Netflix's own career's page lists hundreds of job openings. But how much money are they making? Busin...

November 24, 2020
Publishers will lead the charge as cookie-less advertising becomes the norm

Steve Wing, managing director, EMEA, Magnite As the advertising industry moves closer to a cookieless world one in which browserless environments including connected TV (CTV) and mobile in-app are an increasingly large part of ad budgets publishers will have an increasingly important role in developing the future of identity. Segment creation and identity management standards will increasingly be developed by the sell-side, a departure from how advertising data has traditionally been...

November 24, 2020
Tips on presenting rough edits & getting USEFUL feedback

Assembling that first edit brings a flood of emotion and excitement. After months of planning and weeks of shooting, the edit is a significant milestone. Finally, the filmmakers vision is translated from the abstract confines of their mind into a tangible product that can be shared, experienced and evaluated. But how do you know if youre on the right track? The script can only provide so much guidance. Its your job to choose the best performances, shots, etc. and stitch them all together seamlessly to tell...

November 24, 2020
How Vimeo uses screen recording to work better together

Here at Vimeo, were pretty big fans of video. (But you probably knew that, right?) So when it came time to launch Vimeo Record, our new screen recording tool, we were hyped to integrate it into our own workflows. As it turns out, we rep Vimeo Record hard. Team members in every part of the business are now using the tool to streamline their workdays. Thats because recorded video is both convenient and incredibly versatile. Video messaging is the perfect solve for everything from training and onboardin...

November 24, 2020
REBECCA: VFX Breakdown by Milk Visual Effects

Lets have a look at the seamless work of Milk Visual Effects for the Netflix movie, REBECCA: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Milk Visual Effects: Dedicated page about REBECCA on Milk Visual Effects website. Murray Barber: My interview of Murray Barber, VFX Supervisor & Co-Founder of Milk Visual Effects about REBECCA. Netflix: You can watch REBECCA now on Netflix. Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2020 The post REBECCA: VFX Breakdown by Milk Visual Effects appeared first on The Art of VFX.

November 24, 2020
Women's Cinema: Meet 1st AC Amanda Wojtaszek

Womens Cinema is a new series by Y.M.Cinema Magazine with the goal of encouraging women to pursue after filmmaking career. This time, we interviewed 1st AC Amanda Wojtaszek which has worked on films like The Incredible Hulk, Workin Moms, Anne with an E, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Suicide Squad and many more. In the discussion below, Amanda describes from her personal view the progress women made in our industry, and what is the best way to start a career in movie making. Amanda Wojtaszek: Dream House 201...

November 24, 2020
Steinberg Nuendo 11 DAW

Over the years, Nuendo from Steinberg has developed to one of the industries leading solutions for professional audio post production. Now, Nuendo 11 is coming with even more improvements. Steinberg is well-known for their innovative audio solutions. With the current version of Nuendo, version 10, Steinberg has set a new industry standard for VR Audio, audio production for video game developement as well as audio post production for feature films and TV. Industry Standard for Audio production...

November 24, 2020

Andrew Scrase started his career in visual effects in 2007 at DNEG. He then worked at One of Us before joining Framestore in 2019. He has worked on various shows including KICK-ASS, INTERSTELLAR, PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING and ALADDIN. Standish Millennas began working in VFX in 2007 at Machine. He then joined Prime Focus and One of Us then Framestore in 2019. He has worked on projects such as ROBIN HOOD, THE EAGLE, THE OA and TOLKIEN. What is your background? Andrew Scrase, VFX Supervisor (AS) // I started in...

November 23, 2020
Social Shorts: YouTube expands ad inventory, Twitter launches Fleets, more

The social media marketing week in review: A round up of news and announcements you may have missed. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

November 23, 2020
Astera NYX Review

My interest in cinema LED bulbs was originally sparked by the release of the Aputure B7c and you can catch that article here, but it is cinema and event lighting manufacturer Astera that takes the first-to-market crown with their NYX LED bulb series. How does the NYX bulb perform in general? How does it compare with the B7c and where does the NYX bulb fit into the LED landscape as a whole? Lets get started: You may be familiar with Astera by way of their popular Titan Tubes (along with the Ax3 seri...

November 23, 2020
5 ways live streaming helps small businesses thrive

In uncertain times, adaptability, creativity, and a little hustle are key ingredients for businesses looking to stay on top of their game. With brands of all kinds finding new opportunities to grow their business online, more people than ever are using live stream video to reach customers, expand services, and accelerate growth. Felicia Alexander, co-founder of fitness company BoxUnion, saw the impact of video quickly when her team launched a live-streaming service earlier this year. Now we can reach...

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