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Everyone's a cam girl

That's right! The pandemic turned everyone into a cam girl. Even you, Johnson! Except that you're (hopefully) keeping your butt under the covers. It seems like everyone is live streaming for the slimmest of reasons. Jogging, talking, cooking, arguing, cleaning, and so on. I've got news for you: if you want to look good, it's not enough to stay clothed: you need good equipment. Take some hints from this guide.

April 10, 2021
How to Make Money From OTT Platforms and Video on Demand

As a business or marketing professional, when consumer habits change, you must pay attention. Perhaps nothing is changing more rapidly or drastically than how people consume video content. To leverage this shift, you must first understand two of the most common video consumption methods: video on demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT). We cover both in this guide. What Is Video on Demand (VOD)? Video on demand (VOD) is a technology allowing viewers to watch video conten...

April 10, 2021
3 Top Corporate Slideshow Templates for Business Video in DaVinci Resolve

Create a clean and professional slideshow template in DaVinci Resolve with one of Envato's best templates. Corporate business office - available from Envato Elements 3 Top Corporate Slideshow Templates for DaVinci Resolve Check out some of our best corporate slideshow templates for DaVinci Resolve, available fromEnvato MarketandEnvato Elements. 1.Clean Corporate - Modern Presentation A modern, clean and corporate slideshow for DaVinci Resolve. This template features smooth transitions and b...

April 10, 2021
Debris: Richard Greenwood

Richard Greenwood has been working in visual effects for over 11 years. He joined FuseFX in 2014 to help launch the Vancouver office. He has worked on a wide range of projects including The Mist, Charmed, The Terror and The Magicians. What is your background? I have about 11 years VFX experience thats split between pipeline, artist, and supervisor work, mostly in TV. FuseFX has played a strong role in my development with opportunities to grow on each project. Despite not going to school for VF...

April 10, 2021
7 BombBomb Features You Might Not Know About

Youve mastered the art of recording and sending videos with BombBomb, but theres much more to it than that. And you might be missing out on some of the best BombBomb features without even realizing it ones that will make your experience even better. Think about it what if you could level up your video game? What if you could get more plays and build more meaningful connections with a video strategy thats efficient and effective with tools you already have on your account? 7 BombBomb Features to Enha...

April 10, 2021
Get 70 Hand-Picked Professional Cinematic LUTs for Free

Color Grading Central, which is an online hub for colorists (beginners, intermediates, and professionals), has announced a special offer. Now you can download 70 hand-picked cinematic LUTs for FREE. The supported NLEs are Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. The LUTs are compatible to be used on cameras like ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, DJI, GoPro, Panasonic, RED, and Sony. Explore this outstanding deal. The Wonder Woman LUT. Picture: Color Grading Central Colorists for colorists Denver Riddle ...

April 10, 2021
Chicken Bone FX Showreel 2021

Lets have a look at the work of Chicken Bone FX made on The Queens Gambit, To All The Boys: PS I Love You, Westworld Season 3, Krypton Season 2 and many more in their latest showreel: Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2021 The post Chicken Bone FX Showreel 2021 appeared first on The Art of VFX.

April 10, 2021
Video for Sales Benchmarks 2021

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, sales teams across the globe were quickly thrown into an environment that was required to sell digital-first. Reps had to rely heavily on Zoom calls, virtual event experiences, and asynchronous video messaging. The reality is that regardless if and when we head back to the office, we dont see video for sales going anywhere. Trend forecasting from analysts like Forrester views using video for sales moving from test to invest and an imperative part of any sales journey. ...

April 10, 2021
Lovecraft Country: Environments VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX

Lets discover the various environments created by the teams of Rodeo FX for the HBO series, Lovecraft Country: WANT TO KNOW MORE?Fabrice Vienne: My interview of CG Supervisor Fabrice Vienne about Rodeo FXs work on Episode 7 of Lovecraft Country.Rodeo FX: Dedicated page about Lovecraft Country on Rodeo FX website.HBO Max: You can now watch Lovecraft Country on HBO Max. Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2021 The post Lovecraft Country: Environments VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX appeared fi...

April 8, 2021
The Drum Network Podcast: the future of TV part two

We couldn't discuss the future of TV in a single episode. This time Richard Carroll, senior digital marketing consultant at Capgemini Invent, takes us through the platform agnostic future of television. We discuss the vast range of choice audiences have in terms of video content, platforms, and even how they choose to pay. <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A/...

April 8, 2021
How to Be Prepared When 5G Comes to the Enterprise

In tech, we always like to hype the latest and greatest technologies and promise they are game-changing. One technology thats reached a massive level of hype is 5G, and that makes sense because it promises to bring wired-like speed to wireless networks. Thinking back, however, 4G and even 3G were both positioned as the next big thing. This raises the question: Is 5G really all its being positioned as, or will it disappoint as the previous version of cellular did? Admittedly, I was a skeptic of enterprise ...

April 8, 2021
Using Video Content for Your Sales and Marketing Funnel at Every Step 2021 ...
April 8, 2021
Tentacle TRACK E Review

Late last year, German company Tentacle Sync released their first audio recording device: the Tentacle TRACK E Audio Recorder. In this video we take a closer look at the compact 32-bit float device, enjoy our TRACK E review. Tentacle Sync is known for its affordable timecode-solutions. These allow users to sync multiple recording devices using the same timecode. Multi-cam shoots are simpler to manage, but even simple dual system audio benefits from synced timecode. What is the Tentacle TRACK ...

April 8, 2021
FuseFX acquires Australian-based Rising Sun Pictures!

What a big news! FuseFX has announced that they have acquired the Australian-based studio Rising Sun Pictures! Here is the press release: FuseFX acquires Australian-based Rising Sun Pictures, positioning the business for global strategic growth. FuseFX, a full-service, award-winning visual effects company with studios in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, Montral, Toronto, and Bogot, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Rising Sun Pictures (RSP), a world-renowned, h...

April 8, 2021
A Guide to Using B-Roll Effectively in Your Video Edit

B roll should be part of your editing technique because the film on its own might be bland and boring without it. B roll is something that you use to add different little tid bits of information to. You sometimes need to cut away some parts or add to them and that is where B roll comes into play. You can insert additional shots into your main shot. You can also clean up or edit the pacing of the video with B roll. Key Takeaways: B-roll is a lot like the seasoning or the side dishes for your main foota...

April 8, 2021
Those Who Wish Me Dead

Get ready to face a terrifying forest fire in Those Who Wish Me Dead! The VFX are made by:Rodeo FX (VFX Supervisor: Thomas Montminy Brodeur)Luma PicturesImpossible Geometry The Production VFX Supervisors are Mark Stetson & Jason Chen. Director: Taylor SheridanRelease Date: May 14, 2021 (USA & HBO Max) Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2021 The post Those Who Wish Me Dead appeared first on The Art of VFX.

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