The New Bag of Tricks

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April 19, 2019
Trends in Video Marketing

What should be in your bag (of tricks) for your marketing videos this year? Is there any trending video technology which you have not tried before? How much are you willing to invest in re-purposing existing material (video or otherwise) to bend it along the latest curves of your audience’s taste buds?

Believe it or not, video is the most important medium on the web. It accounts for over half the entire Internet traffic, and the trend is only increasing. Most studies reveal that web users find videos a more reliable source of information than any other vehicle. What are people looking for in a video?

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This recent article — or should I say: listicle —  glances over real, actionable trends in video marketing.  Many of these “trends” are variations on known presentation strategies. Here’s five of the ten covered by the post above:

  • Optimize for sound-less clips
  • Super-short advertisement video clips
  • Shoppable clips
  • Low-fi production
  • Multiple format optimized to fit the host

Regardless of the market you want to reach and engage with, you find that these new options will help you carve a strategy that will get you better results and make your customers happier.


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