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October 18, 2017

Build custom transitions

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An Adobe Illustrator layer can be converted to a Shape layer.

  • To convert an Illustrator layer to a Shape layer:
    1. Select the desired layer in the Timeline.
    2. In the main menu, select Layer > Create shapes from vector layer.
  • Shapes layers can be repeated using a Repeater:
    1. Select the Shape layer to repeat in the Timeline.
    2. Open the layer options by clicking the triangle on the left side of the layer.
    3. To the right of the Contents section on the layer, click the button to the right of the word Add and choose Repeater.
    4. Open the triangle for Repeater 1 and set the number of Copies.
    5. Open the triangle for Transform: Repeater 1 and change the settings to adjust how each shape will move when it is repeated. (The default setting will move each copy 100 pixels on the X Position.)
    6. To animate the repeated shape, keyframe the Offset for Repeater 1.
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