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June 22, 2018

How To Screen Record Update

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Grep Haxs


This is Redfeather from Grep Haxs in this Kdenlive video we will be showing
how to screen record and the update that had occurred .

At some point the project monitor and clip monitor were separated each one given
there own set of commands .

It maid it look as though the record options had been covered up but that is not the
case in Kdenlive .

Go to view in the kdenlive title bar scroll down to clip monitor put a check mark
the clip monitor now appears and the record plus sign to the bottom right of the
monitors as well .

The controls are similar with a few added features the red record button in Kdenlive
stops and starts the recording .

By default it starts out as web-came but this can be changed to screen grab if one is not
available also in Kdenlive screen record you can toggle between monitors zero being the primary monitor .

Kdenlive uses the whole canvas during screen grab there may be a way to change this but I am
not aware of the procedure at this time .

So if your recording program that is in windows mode but you do not want to see the side bar icons
from your system first shut down secondary monitor and then take it out of windows mode .

Make sure in kdenlive your monitor is set to the zero monitor which should be grayed out at this time
I hope you have enjoyed this video and found it helpful in some manner .

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The intro/extro of this video has been provided by none other than alexabaiu1 from his YouTube
channel .

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