Video Content Hubs

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April 12, 2019
A powerful option for branded mobile apps

Time is running out and we're all in a hurry to do more, faster: buying, banking, booking, chatting, reading, and of course viewing videos. Mobile apps are focused on executing a small set of tasks, and do so quickly and efficiently. It's not surprise then that smartphone users spend 90% of their connected time in apps. Furthermore, nearly 70% of mobile users prefer to watch videos as a source of information.

Yet, as the author of a recent article on MarketingLand, brands rarely use their apps as content hubs. In fact, they don't take advantage of their users' preferences as far as content goes.

Brands with a narrow focus can easily miss opportunities to increase spend and grow brand loyalty.

Done right, videos can be a powerful and engaging source of customer -- or even brand -- loyalty. Smaller brands, whose apps are not as widely used as those of their corporate competitors, should take advantage of this gap and present their potential users with a wider range of in-app content.

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