What Do People Do

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July 3, 2019
...with videos?

Some people jump on the bandwagon early, often unprepared and too quickly for their own good. Most people will hop on at the station, blending in with the anonymous crowd of mediocre travelers and adopters. Finally there are those who come late and are therefore condemned to run behind a train that isn't stopping anytime soon. The latter will usually curse and shout, yet in the end having no one to blame but themselves. Even a fool is wise when it is too late!


If you're in business, video is the medium you don't want to miss; the train that's about to leave the station. Not convinced?  Vidyard just published a report on the state of video in the world of business communications. The data is presented in an infographic, so it's easy to digest and takes less than 3 minutes to scan. Honestly, it delivers some interesting statistics that you may not be aware of. None of that information will blow your mind, yet in case you don't have your ticket yet, it is certainly enough to convince that you need to get there on time before the (video) train leaves the station. Don't be a fool...


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