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July 5, 2019
Yet Another Youtuber

Since he turned 4, John wanted to become a firefighter. Not surprisingly, like most kids his age who had similar plans, he did not become a firefighter. He's now an IT professional and would probably not be able to put out a fire if one was to engulf his laptop power supply. In a way, that's a good thing: if every kid who planned on becoming a firefighter in the late 20th century succeeded, half the population would be working in and out of fire stations.

The same John now has 2 kids. Both boyz. They look like him. They talk like him. But while the genes survived, the dream didn't. His new generation couldn't care less about putting out fire: the kids want to become YouTubers.


Should they follow through with their plan, the latest batch of kids have indeed a higher chance of succeeding. There's literally an infinite potential in the area: the revolution will be YouTubed (though not monetized.) So if you want to help your youngsters to grow up and become YouTube stars, there's no better way to learn the ways than to look at ... YouTube -- where you'll find hundreds, even thousands of classes and information on the subject of YouTubing

And if you are an adult who didn't quite make it at firefighting and want to talk about it (or anything else for that matter,) then here's one way to get started:

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